One-Year Anniversary

One year ago, I started this blog for the following reasons:

“The first is to be a productive outlet for my family and myself by highlighting how much fun you can have when you put family first, regardless of your family structure.  The second is to inspire and give hope to other single fathers out there, especially those that are the primary custodians of their children.”

While only other single fathers (or even single mothers, for that matter) can answer if I met my second goal, I can with absolute certainty say that this first goal was a success and it exceeded my expectations.  From our amazing trip to Walt Disney World to our weekly adventures in the greater Sierra Vista metroplex to our lazy days around the house, we are showing day after day what a loving, caring, and fun family looks like.  And if this was not enough, Elaina got recognized at school this week.

“I would like to thank my Dad and my sister, because the Academy has done absolutely nothing for me.”

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Taking Time for Lunch

I put in a lot of hours at work.  I am pretty good at time management (and work through lunch on most days), so I still get off by 5:15pm every day, but the time spent at the office definitely adds up.  While anyone can tell you that breaks need to be taken, it is important to ensure that those breaks are effective, meaning that they replenish you and allow you to refocus once you return to work.  I do not take as many breaks as I should, but they are almost always effective.  The best break?  Going to one of my daughters’ schools and surprising them for lunch.

Probably healthier than what I was planning to eat…

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The Nutcracker – Ballet Tucson

Daddy Daughter Days do not happen as often as they did before, but on the rare occasion that I have a babysitter or family in town, I try to spend some quality one-on-one time with both Elaina and Gabriella.  It is a excellent opportunity to bond with your child without sister interference, as they both tend to get frustrated when the other turns Dad’s attention away from them.  Elaina is currently enrolled in ballet at her Child Development Center and she mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she really wanted to see the Nutcracker Ballet.  Not really sure how she got this idea, but I aim to please.  And it seemed like a good activity for a Daddy Daughter Day, which we have not had in a while.  I got tickets for The Nutcracker, presented by Ballet Tucson, and Elaina was just ecstatic.  She gets to wear a pretty dress and watch real ballerinas in action.  I get to spend some quality time with my oldest daughter and broaden my horizons.  Talk about a win-win scenario.

Someone is just beaming prior to the performance

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