My 40th Birthday “Party”

In the wake of the girls’ mother leaving, the last thing I wanted to have was a birthday party with friends.  It just ended up being the girls and I.  We picked out a cake together, I bought them presents, and we just spent the evening together.  Two years later, my birthday routine has become something of a tradition, one born out of a sadder time in our lives, but one that means a lot to all three of us.

They were really disappointed that I did not pick the unicorn cake…

While I did have a pre-birthday dinner, cake, and presents at my friend’s house the night before (I accidentally let the cat out of the bag earlier in the week, so he insisted), I still wanted it to be just me and the girls on my birthday.  And the plan was simple: Eat dinner, buy them “my birthday” presents, pick out a cake, and then stay up late having fun.

That is a lot of rice… Gabby must have ordered…

While it was definitely my pick, I quickly realized that they would not have eaten anything that I would have chosen.  Oh well, I guess Panda Express works.

Someone found a fried rice ball…

And the girls ate really well, so it was worth it in the end.  Next it was off to Target to pick up “my” birthday gifts.

Somebody is gonna have Elsa songs stuck in their head this weekend…

So the girls have already had their presents picked out for weeks.  They both wanted to get new Lego sets, so we strolled into Target and headed to the Lego aisle.  Immediately, Gabriella got distracted by a large display.  And just like that, we owned Frozen II as well.  Just in time for Calkins Family Movie Night too.  Anyways, we picked up their Lego sets, then headed to Safeway to get a cake.

Gabriella wanted them all; Elaina was much more practical and only wanted three.

This was my favorite part, because I just love cake.  But while Gabriella wanted the two-layer Unicorn cake with extra frosting, I stuck with the simple 1/8 sheet with balloons on it.  And they loved it, so it must have been a good choice.

This picture was actually AFTER I cleaned up their initial Lego piles

We then proceeded home to open and put together their Lego sets.  While others may not think this is the most amazing 40th birthday bash, this is what makes my girls and I happy, just taking a special day and making sure that we are spending it together.  And that is what is important.  And according to my fortune, I seem to be doing things right.

Absolutely no doubt about this

Thanks for checking in on us.


2 thoughts on “My 40th Birthday “Party”

  1. Reading your “clear” devotion to your daughters is very sweet – makes me wish I had that with my own Father. Hope you and your girls are in health & blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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