Elaina’s Talent Show

About two weeks before COVID-19 changed everything, we were busy preparing Elaina for her talent show at the Seifert School Age Center (SAC).  She was planning to sing “Into the Unknown” from Frozen II with some of her friends, so we brought out the karaoke machine that she got for Christmas and started practicing.  Yep, it is another post about taking time away from your busy day at work to support your child and their activity.

Starting to see a theme here…

Elaina had been pretty excited about the show for a little over a month, but started to get pretty nervous about it a week beforehand.  She was worried that she would forget the words, so we practiced and practiced together until she felt comfortable (mostly just the girls singing in the car to and from school).

Would not miss it for the world

As the big day got closer, we got our official invitation from SAC.  This made the event all too real for Elaina, who got even more excited about it.  And constantly asking me if I was going to be able to make it.  Of course I was.  I think she tends to forget sometimes that I have made it to all her kindergarten events this year in which parents were invited.

Patiently waiting for her turn… wait, why doesn’t she do this at home?!?

Anyways, she was ecstatic when I arrived.  We then went over the program together while getting some much needed hugs in.

It’s official; Elaina is famous

Once I saw the program, I realized that 1) Elaina was doing a lot more than one song, and 2) It was much more of a dance party than a talent show.  I guess I was anticipating singing, dancing, magic, juggling, etc., but this was more just dancing to popular songs.  No big deal, but I was certainly expecting something different.

Getting her groove on

The first song was Old Town Road, which I had surprisingly never heard before… I would be okay with never hearing it again… so moving on.

Take that, Idina Menzel!

Elaina and her group were the third act up, but their performance really surprised me.  It was not them singing together; it was Elaina doing a solo.  No wonder she was so nervous when practicing.  But she did amazing.  She did not forget a single word (except during some unexpected technical difficulties) and got plenty of compliments from the other parents.  That’s my girl!

Elaina is already in character

After that performance, she just danced her little heart out.

Love the “Jazz Hands”

She danced to Uptown FunkOld Town Road (*shudders*), and Firework, closing out with 24 Karat Magic.  And never stopped to rest during a song.  Not once.

Katy Perry is jealous of these moves…

This was one of the most fun school or SAC events of Elaina’s that I had ever been to.  She had a blast and I enjoyed the show while getting to interact with other adults between performances (always a win).  It was a pity Gabriella could not make it, but it was a lot easier focusing on getting pictures and videos for Elaina’s mother without Gabriella clinging on to me the entire show (not complaining, but tougher to hold a camera).  Another great event for Elaina and another reason to get out there and support your child in their endeavors.  Even those as high energy as this one.

How is she not tired yet?!?

Thanks for checking in on us.


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