Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Magic Wands – Take II

Earlier in the year, we brought out the fabled Disney Princess Cookbook to test out a few of the recipes. One that we tried was the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Magic Wands (Cinderella). While we had fun making them, the recipe involved sprinkles on flour tortillas, so it was not particularly appetizing. I have been thinking about ways to improve on the recipe to make them more appealing for the girls, so that is what we tried to do last weekend.

I mean, what kind of kid wouldn’t like sugar cookies with sprinkles?

This was one of those recipes that looked really good in the book, but not so much once we finished.  They surprisingly looked exactly like the photo, but that did not make them taste any better.  Since the girls love sugar cookies (because, really, who doesn’t?), I figured that substituting the tortillas for sugar cookies would be a sure winner.

Yes, I gave her the hard job and am not ashamed of it.

Surprisingly, Gabriella wanted to help me make the cookie dough while Elaina decided to sit this one out.  And giving me a further shock, Gabriella was patient, listened to all my instructions, and did not make a mess. Now both of my daughters want to help me bake!

Maybe I should have softened the butter a little more…

She mixed everything together for about five minutes before I had to take over (even she acknowledged that she was going spill flour everywhere). She watched me finish the dough before running off to play with Elaina.

At some point, Gabriella got ahold of my phone and started taking (pretty decent) pictures of me helping Elaina.

After cutting out the wands and baking them, the girls headed to the table to decorate them. I brushed melted butter on the top of each cookie and the girls starting decorating them with sprinkles.

“And now just dump tons of sprinkles on it.”

As much as I work with them during our cookie and cupcake decorating sessions, the girls still like to pile on the sprinkles. As it turned out, it did not really matter anyways.

Sorry, Elaina, but sprinkles by themselves do not taste very good.

While the finished products turned out even better than the original recipe, the girls still did not enjoy the sugar cookie wands. I tasted them, and aside from the plethora of sprinkles, they tasted just like normal sugar cookies to me. Then it hit me what was missing: buttercream frosting. The girls had never had a sugar cookie without frosting, so it probably tasted a little bland to them. So, when I post about Take III, the wands will definitely have frosting on them.

This is going to be fun to clean up…

I tried to improve on the original, and while that goal succeeded, we still have a little ways to go to perfect it. Funny enough, this was just one of the recipes that did not resonate with the girls that day. One of my mantras of being a parent is that you are constantly preparing food that will not be eaten; this day really reinforced that belief. I made Dutch Babies for them for breakfast, Tiana’s Tasty Sandwiches for lunch, the wands after lunch, and Seven Dwarf’s Soup (Elaina’s favorite) for dinner, with the girls barely eating any of them. Nothing to sweat over though. Just means that there were a lot of misses that day, not that I am ever going to stop trying to introduce them to new things. Hopefully we have better luck next time!

Looks like success, but in reality, they only took a few bites and did not enjoy them.

Thanks for checking in on us.


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