Dental Appointments

Conveniently, the girls had their dental appointments scheduled right after Elaina lost her two bottom front teeth.  Unfortunately, their appointments were cancelled due to COVID-19.  After Arizona started easing some restrictions and the dentist’s office had put the necessary safety and social distancing protocols in place, I was able to rescheduled their appointments.  And crazy enough, the girls were really excited to go.

(Note: Some of these pictures were from before COVID-19, and thus before the safety protocols were in place)

Dental hygiene doesn’t get much cooler than this

The girls go to Cochise Children’s Dental Center and there were several changes to how they conducted the appointment based on the new protocols.  First, we called the office once we arrived, but waited in the car until we were called inside.  This was an excellent way to limited the number of people inside the office (and the girls did not complain because they got to play on their tablets).

I do not think I have ever seen two kids so happy to visit the dentist…

Once we got the call, we headed inside.  The girls immediately got their temperature taken by the dental hygienist and all sanitized up (Dad too!).

Someone looks comfortable…

While the waiting room was closed this visit, Cochise Children’s Dental Center usually has some excellent ways to keep children occupied until their names are called.  They have a movie room with chairs and a giant bean bag,…

Mario Kart at the dentist?  What will they think of next?

… two video game systems (I do not think I could tell you which one was which even if I tried),…

“Seriously, forget the Children’s Museum; let’s get a membership here!”

… and a very large activity area.  Unfortunately for the girls, it was all closed this visit, but for a good (and safe) reason.  They kind of understood.

I still don’t understand how the x-ray is the most terrifying part of the visit…

After that, we went to the most dreaded part of the dentist’s office: the x-ray chair.  Seriously.  The x-ray chair, easily the most harmless thing in the building.  Elaina starting crying immediately, with Gabriella eventually following suit.  Better luck next visit, I guess.

“Way to show some enthusiasm, Gabby!”

Next was their examination and cleaning, which, in my opinion, should have been the scary part (dental picks and me do not get along).  Nope.  The girls were talkative and smiling throughout it all. 

“See how easy and painless that was?”

With their brushing going well (up to twice a day!) and their teeth coming in nicely, the girls both got a clean bill of (dental) health.  Always feels good when someone with a doctorate tells you that you are doing a good job.

Prizes… of course there are prizes at this dentist’s office.  Nothing should surprise me anymore.

After that, we waited in the room for another family to check out, because social distancing.  Once we got released, the girls got to pick out a toy from the dispenser while I made their follow-on appointments.  With another dental appointment in the books and two happy girls with toothbrushes and toys, this was a very successful visit.  Hopefully COVID-19 subsides before their appointment in November.

Gift bags… and they left with gift bags…

Thanks for checking in on us.


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