Elaina’s First Loose Tooth

It comes time in every child’s life that they lose their first tooth, and Elaina hit that milestone a couple months ago. And while Elaina had to get over the fear of losing a baby tooth, Dad had to step into a new role: Tooth Fairy!

One guess as to all she wants for Christmas…

Elaina has been waiting for a long time for her first tooth to get loose.  Ever since her best friend Elora started losing hers, Elaina has been checking every day to see if hers would budge ever so slightly.  Eventually, her bottom center tooth starting wiggling, with the one next to it following suit the next day.

I think that watching this is even more eerie in Gif form

Every day she nudged it a little more, then a little more.  It took her a good week of working at it with her tongue for it to fall out.  Unfortunately, her first tooth fell out while she was sleeping (we are pretty sure she accidentally swallowed it). Thankfully, we were prepared for this possibility and decided to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy that evening.

We captured the second one… at least for a little while.

But with a bit of luck, Elaina lost her second tooth while she was at school!  She was super excited about this because she thought she would get a tooth necklace just like Fancy Nancy (from Fancy Nancy and the Too Loose Tooth, one of her favorite stories).  She did get a cute little tooth holder, but no necklace.  Unfortunately (again), she must have accidentally popped the top off the holder while we were walking to the car, because when we got home, the tooth was gone.  She was so disappointed.  Sad from having lost both her teeth and having nothing to put under her pillow, we got a pen and paper and started making her case to the Tooth Fairy.

Transcribed verbatim

I jotted down the words as she dictated them to me, reading it back to her multiple times before she approved it (had to be correct, right?).  We put it under her pillow and she drifted off to sleep.

Anyone else remember when all you got was a quarter?  Ok, Boomer.

When she woke up, the note was gone, replaced by a dollar and a new toothbrush.  Given that she initially believed the Tooth Fairy did not accept letters, she was ecstatic.

Only 18 more to go!

This was a great experience.  Not only was this a big milestone for her, but it got her over the slight fear of losing her teeth, swallowing them, and/or not getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Now she is moving ahead with a new sense of confidence that it is only going to get easier.  Now we just have to wait for her permanent teeth to come in…

Here they come!

Thanks for checking in on us.


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