Princess Baking

While we were eating dinner the other night, Gabriella was thumbing through one of last year’s Christmas gifts: The Disney Princess Cookbook.  While debating on making Bull’s-Eye Pizza (Brave) or Ham and Cheese Biscuit Braids (Tangled) in the future, the girls simultaneously saw something that they both wanted to make.  Since it was easy and we had all the ingredients, it looked like after dinner the Calkins Family would be making Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Magic Wands.

They love any baking that involves sprinkles

Given that Cinderella is one of their favorite movies and that we just watched Cinderella III: A Twist in Time during our last Calkins Family movie night, it was no surprise that this was what they chose to make.

They do look pretty fun to make…

As always, we started by washing our hands and preheating the oven.  We then prepped the workstation, with Elaina getting out the tortillas and the butter, while I got out the utensils and the sprinkles.

You can tell how quickly this idea came about, as I have not even had a chance to clean up after dinner.

I started out by cutting the flour tortillas into strips for the wands; Elaina is getting pretty good at using a steak knife, but I am not ready to trust her with a chef’s knife just yet.  We did not have large tortillas on hand, but the street taco tortillas worked just fine for what we needed.

“Painting the roses red… wait… wrong Disney movie.”

After melting the butter, Elaina proceeded to butter all the wands in preparation for putting sprinkles on them.

So much for gradually adding sprinkles…

Before the butter hardened, the girls started to decorate their wands with sprinkles.  All I asked is that they did not just pour sprinkles on top of them, but instead, well, sprinkled them over the tortilla strips; they obviously ignored this advice, but I tried.  They had a lot of fun doing this, even if they were not planning on eating the final product.

This made them want to immediately bake and decorate sugar cookies again.

After they finished decorating their magic wands, I showed Elaina how to place them in the oven.  After waiting a few minutes, they were done and we took a look at our creation.

The finished products are all ready to test out some spells.

This was one of those times where the recipe just did not work out.  The wands did not look like the picture (our fault), but they just did not taste very good either (in my opinion, they would have tasted better with breadsticks instead of tortillas).  With new recipes, sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not, but that is not the point.  The point is that my girls and I tried a new recipe and we had a lot of fun doing it.  And we will keep trying.  And trying.  And hopefully, while we are having fun, the girls can learn a thing or two about baking from their old man.

Thanks for checking in on us.


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