Pizza Night

The girls got to pick dinner on Friday and they chose pizza.  Since I was not about to take them back to Peter Piper Pizza so soon, we compromised on making pizzas ourselves.  After a quick trip to the commissary, we were ready for our family pizza night.

This post should make you smile

First things first…

Um, try putting some soap on those hands…

After the girls washed their hands, we turned the oven on and got out all the necessary ingredients for our pies.

And unknowingly using Star Wars spatulas… excellent.

We started by getting the store-bought crusts out and then spreading the pizza sauce on them.  Not my favorite way of making pizzas, but I did not want to make the dough from scratch only to have them not eat it.

Fun fact: More cheese made it into their mouths than on their pizzas.

They then spread the cheese all over their pies.  Gabriella initially did not even put enough to cover her pizza, while Elaina, ever the perfectionist, made hers even and presentable.

“Um, Gabbs, let’s try to even out those olives, shall we?”

They then added the olives, which was going to be their last ingredient on their pizzas (I added roasted red peppers to mine, which just ended up making the crust soggy).

Much more symmetrical… Thanks, Girls!

With their pizzas completed, it was time to eat the rest of the olives and more cheese.

Considering the mess that could have been made, I will chalk this one up as a win.
If they eat at least 25% of their meal, I will call pizza night a success.

After the girls completed their masterpieces, we transferred them to the baking sheet and put them in the oven.  The pizzas turned out pretty good and the girls ate more than expectedly, but pizza night is really about the process.  It is about having fun making your pies together, and helping your kids along the way.  We had a great time and they cannot wait to do it again; I will call that a victory.

I hope your pizza parties are all smiles too!

Thanks again for checking in on us.


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