Halloween with Grandma and Papa

My Mother and Stepfather (Grandma and Papa) briefly watched the girls while I was away at a conference and we figured it was best for them to stay all the way through Halloween.  I mean, what 5- or 3-year old is going to turn down an extra week being spoiled by Grandma?  Not these two.  Although I did my best to persuade them otherwise, both of my girls were determined to go as princesses this year, with Elaina going as Elena of Avalor and Gabriella going as Rapunzel.  I normally would not have minded except that they just wore the same dresses a month ago to Disney on Ice, they wear them to school and around the house all the time, and they did not give me enough warning to get a Flynn Rider costume (we went as the Rockford Peaches last year, with them wearing the ballplayer outfits and myself as the manager).  We did try to add to their normal dress-up routine though, with Elaina getting some stickers for her face and Gabby getting a nice new pair of Rapunzel gloves, because of course they already had their tiaras.


While they were pretty excited this year for trick-or-treating on Halloween, this excitement waned after attending the Trunk-or-Treat event on post.  They had so much fun and got so much candy during the event that not only was Dad called in to carry their bags halfway through it, but after sorting through their hauls at home, they did not feel they need to go out again.  After seeing the first few kids in costume around the block though, thankfully they got right back into it.  We left our candy bowl for the kids on our doorstep with a sign (honor system) and headed out.  It was a cold night, and while I made the girls wear long sleeve shirts under their dresses, they refused to wear a coat.  I still should have carried coats with us, as we got about twenty houses in before they were asking to be carried for warmth (thank God for Papa, otherwise I would have been carrying both of them).

Dad’s Halloween Helpers

Aside for being a little cold when they returned home, once they got their coats and hats on, they seemed to have a lot more fun passing out candy than receiving it (which always seems to be the case).  Whether it was seeing more princesses or questioning a teenage Black Panther (in just a mask) on why he wasn’t wearing his “superhero suit,” they had a blast just sitting out with Dad, handing out candy, and yelling “Have a Happy Halloween” to everyone as they left.  Good times.  Now if I can only convince them to both go as Rey next year so I can dress up as a grizzled and grumpy Luke… 

Thanks for checking in on us.


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