Welcome to our Adventure!

Enjoying the Tram Tour at the Pima Air & Space Museum

Every dad, if he takes time out of his busy life to reflect upon his fatherhood, can learn ways to become an even better dad. — Jack Baker


I am a single father to two daughters, Elaina (5) and Gabriella (3), who are more important than anything else in my life, as they very well should be.  Unfortunately, the marriage between their mother and I did not work out and I was appointed the primary custodian of our children.  While already trying to be the best father I possibly could, this meant that I had to step up my game even more.  Single fatherhood is always going to be a work in progress, but every day gets a little bit better as I gain more experience and the girls become a little more understanding.  Through school, meals, discipline, and our weekend activities, we are making it work and having a blast doing it.

I started this blog for two reasons.  The first is to be a productive outlet for my family and myself by highlighting how much fun you can have when you put family first, regardless of your family structure.  The second is to inspire and give hope to other single fathers out there, especially those that are the primary custodians of their children.  Getting through a divorce is extremely difficult and it is a full-time job being a single father, but hopefully this blog demonstrates that it not only gets better with time and experience, but can be truly rewarding.

Thank you for being a part of our adventure.



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