Walt Disney World – Day One (Epcot)

After arriving the previous day, the Calkins Family was going to spend their first full day at Walt Disney World (WDW) at Epcot.  I gave the girls the option of where to go first, and since the best way that I could describe the park was “like a giant children’s museum that has Anna and Elsa,” they obviously wanted to go there first.

Definitely the “Happiest Place on Earth” if it gets them to stop fighting and just hug each other every now and then
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Walt Disney World – Preparation and Travel

After the New Year, the Calkins Family embarked on our much-anticipated vacation to Walt Disney World.  Resort reservations made.  Tickets purchased.  Bags packed.  And Disney movies watched again and again.  After months of preparing the girls for this trip, we set off from Fort Huachuca late at night so that we could catch our early morning flight to Orlando.

“Hurry up, Dad! Disney World is waiting for us!”
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Off to Walt Disney World

The girls are back home in Arizona and we are headed off to our next adventure at Walt Disney World today.  I will certainly post about our WDW experience when we get back.  I also have a follow-up holiday article coming up, as well as articles on how to manage (fix? not destroy?) little girls’ hair, organizing for toddlers, and travelling with little ones.

Walt Disney World is gonna rock!

I hope you are all having a great 2019 and we will be back in a week!