Curriculum Night

The girls’ school, Colonel Johnston Elementary School, held their Curriculum Night a couple months ago and we were excited to attend (sure does let you know how far behind I am in writing; you will get a full post about why later). While called an Open House back in my day, it was a chance to meet with the girls’ teachers and to see their classrooms. As always, a great time was had by all and the girls are excited to be school in again.

Smart and safe. A winning combination.

Elaina is in Mrs. Drake’s 2nd Grade class this year and Gabriella is in Mrs. Chavez’s 1st Grade class. While Elaina is fully prepared for 2nd Grade, I feel that Gabby is just so small for 1st Grade and maybe even a little behind (at the time of this article, she has caught up very well). They just grow up so darn fast.

“I was told there was going to be snacks and drinks…”

We went to Gabriella’s classroom first and she was very excited to show me around. She took me to her desk, the reading area, and then proceeded to show me all the “Secret Story” cards around the classroom. These are unique letter sounds and combinations that “break the rules,” with each having a story attached so the student remembers (i.e. A and W, A and U are in love, so you say “Awwww.”). Cute, and it works. This is easily her favorite part of 1st grade, as she constantly interrupts my reading to her to tell me that something is a Secret Story.

Actual Gabby Quote: “Daddy, will you stop the video? Please stop the video.”

The four other parents and I talked with Mrs. Chavez for about twenty minutes about the curriculum, the goals for 1st grade, and what we can work on at home with our child. The Parent Teacher Conferences were in a few weeks, so there was no one-on-one time talking about Gabriella or Elaina’s progress.

Drawn to scale

We then moved on to Elaina’s classroom where it seemed like almost every parent showed up. Elaina showed me her desk and her reading area; Elaina is an excellent reader and was very proud of how well she is doing.

Wow… So my Elaina drew a Tarrasque… at school… I am… so proud.

As I listened to the curriculum, I have no doubts Elaina was well-ahead of where she needed to be. As an example, the class is learning about dollars and coins this year, a topic that Elaina mastered last year. I guess giving her an allowance and forcing her to count out her piggy bank money really paid off.

What in the heck is Water Master? Pretty sure she meant Minecraft.

After we were done with Elaina’s classroom, we walked the halls looking at their projects. These included their “About Me” paragraphs and the map showing where they were born.

Elaina is the patriotic girl from Tacoma; Gabriella accidentally told her teacher she was born in Texas.

Every year, the girls and I look forward to Curriculum Night and we are never disappointed. They are so proud of their work, I enjoy seeing it and their classrooms, and the teachers always enjoy meeting active parents that care about their kids’ schooling. Everyone wins on Curriculum Night.

That is my girl, kicking 1st grade’s butt!

Thanks for checking in on us.


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