Team Calkins is Back!

After a productive yet semi-depressing Summer, Elaina, Gabriella, and I are finally back together. It was difficult for all three of us being away, but now they are home and we are ready to tackle the rest of 2021. First and Second Grade? Too easy. Delta variant? Bring it on. New job? Child’s play. Everything is easy if we do it together as a family.

My sister snapped this without me knowing… damn her for catching me getting emotional

After they finished vacationing in Lake Tahoe with their mother, I drove up to Sacramento last weekend to pick them up. We spent the next two days driving back to Arizona, taking our sweet time and visiting family along the way.

They missed their Baba just a little bit

Our first full stop was with their great-grandmother in La Puente. They had recently seen her, but her time was divided between the cousins, so the girls were happy to have some time where they were the priority.

And this is just the kids from three of the twelve Calkins cousins…

We then dropped by my Stepmom’s house in Temecula to visit my sister and her family, setting the stage for the extended Calkins clan to visit us in Sierra Vista (above). After getting home though (and after sleeping a lot) we have already started planning our next adventures, including starting school (post coming up shortly), Walt Disney World after Christmas, and moving to a new duty station next Summer. We will be pretty busy, but will keep everyone abreast of what we are up to. Either way, we are just happy to be home and back together.

“Kid, I am feeling the same way right now.”

Thanks for checking in on us.


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