The Great Calkins Cat Adventure (Part IV)

As the cats continue to make themselves more comfortable around us and in their home, it was only a matter of time until we needed to give them a bath.  And, based on the stories of my previous cats, the girls have been waiting for this moment from Day One.

Merlissa is very skeptical of our intentions right about now…

I had given the girls a fair warning about cats and baths.  Most of them despise it, while some of them tolerate it.  As we found out, Merlissa was the former and Aurora was the latter.  Because of this, Merlissa’s bath lasted about ten minutes, while Aurora’s lasted less than two.  The girls just loved watching the cats try to scamper for freedom, with me frantically trying to hold them down.

They look pretty skinny once you wash away all the fluff

While we tried our best to dry them with towels, they eventually both escaped and just wanted to be left alone.  It took about an hour for the cats to warm up to us again, because they were definitely not happy with us after the bath.

The “Leg Shake” is the newest feline dance crazy in our house.

Aurora was easier to please, as I just gave her some wet food.  She was easily bought off.

Merlissa is obviously a fan of punk rock

Merlissa, on the other hand, was mad at us for a while.  And she looked so sad, like we had betrayed her or something.

I must not have done a good enough job cleaning her…

The girls tried to help them out by trying to further dry them with hand towels, but the cats were having none of it.  Better to just let them be.

“Ha!  Caught in the act!  I knew you could read!”

The cats continue to be awesome though and the girls love having them around.  We do keep find them lying around just about everywhere.  Last week I caught Aurora “reading” an article about the new jaguar in the Reid Park Zoo magazine.

I really hope Aurora does not accidentally turn it on…

And the cats are doing absolutely nothing to support my workout routine.

“That’s not how it’s done!”

Merlissa’s new perch is on the top of my treadmill.  I can easily get her down, but it is just funny.  Of all places, that is where she wants to hang out.  She cannot even see the hummingbird feeder from there!

“Let’s just start out at one mile per hour.”

They have fallen a few times though, so cats may not be as sure-footed as advertised.  At least I will always have my workout bench to fall back to.


Thanks for checking in on us.


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