More Fundraisers!

After Elaina returned to Colonel Johnston Elementary School after the winter break, the fundraisers started back up again.  And considering that these events are directly helping Elaina’s teacher purchase items for her classroom and that it was at the girls’ favorite pizza parlor, you know that we were going to be there.

And the event was just a Big Red Dog ride away (Dad Joke!)

This was the second fundraiser at Peter Piper Pizza that we have been to this year, so needless to say, the girls were pretty excited about it.  Not only were there games, but it was highly likely that Elaina was going to see some of her classmates there as well.  As soon as we went in, she was stoked because one of her good friends and our next door neighbor’s families were both there (Woot, I get to talk to adults!).

I deliberately chose the bow to match this game

After being a “boring Dad that waits in lines” (“Elaina, I have to buy food and tokens, otherwise there is literally no point to being at this fundraiser.”), the girls received the first installment of their tokens and ran off to play.

Distracted Driving at its finest

Gabriella went straight to her favorite car game for a leisurely drive…

Possibly leading to an excellent career in ninja-ing

… while Elaina gravitated to the more interactive games, like slicing fruit, rolling skeeballs, and throwing bean bags into holes.

Oh, yeah, the girls and their dinosaurs had to eat too

I only gave them five tokens at a time though.  Part of this reason is so they do not leave all of them at a game or get them taken, but also it requires them to come back to the table to eat.  Sorry, girls, but it is not all just fun and games.

Competition is best when they are more than an arm’s length from one another

After a chicken nugget, orange slice, and chocolate milk, they grab their next batch of tokens and get back to work. I mean, those tickets are not going to earn themselves.

Practicing to be a sailboat captain

At the end of the night, a good time was had by all.  The girls had a lot of fun, ate their dinner, and went home with some consolation prizes, all while supporting Elaina’s school.  Even if it was not directly supporting Elaina’s school, I always feel pretty good about supporting events like these where we are helping someone.  And hey, they got five free tokens out of it too.

“K, Gabbs, time to drive us home.”

Thanks again for checking in on us.


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