The Great Calkins Cat Adventure (Part III)

Do you ever have those moments when you realize that you made the right decision?  Well, the girls and I realized over the holidays that we made the right choice in getting not just cats, but these two particular cats.

The girls were not the only ones who were up early on Christmas morning

Merlissa and Aurora have been downright amazing and the girls and I could not be happier with them.  This was only further solidified over the Christmas holiday.  For starters, they did not destroy any Christmas ornaments or spoil any Christmas gifts (Aurora scratched up a gift bag, but the damage was superficial).

Aurora participated in the game, but I would not say that she was “good” at it…

On top of that, they were both great with my parents.  They wanted to be a part of every activity, including games, coloring, and opening presents.

Besos for Papa

They were not the least bit scared of new people in the house either.  Granted, my parents are both cat people, so it probably made the transition a bit easier.  And throughout the holidays, the cats also did not get on the table once during meal time; I will call that alone a solid win.

Clearly this cat has great taste in fictional universes…

To top it all off, the cats (Aurora, at least) are Star Wars fans!  As I was getting my parents into The Mandalorian, we realized that Aurora had been watching the episode with us the entire time.

I feel like I should offer Aurora a soda or popcorn, but she just seems so engaged in the show.

Not sure if she was following the story at all (unlike my parents, who brought up such questions as “What is a Mandalorian?,” “Who is the Mandalorian?,” and “Why is a Mandalorian?”), but she seemed to be enjoying it.  And I just could not get over how she was sitting throughout the episode either.

Spoiler: Merlissa never caught the red dot.

They also both loved their Christmas gifts.  The girls got them laser pointers, mostly because the cats love them, but also so they would stop using the one I need for work.

The cats slept in their chairs just to make sure they did not miss my Christmas dinner.

They also have shown to be pretty clever cats, always setting themselves up in places where we are sure to walk by and pet them.  Dinner table chairs, edge of the couch, and the computer chair… they definitely knew the right areas to stakeout for petting.

Gabriella eventually mastered how to use the laser pointer

So while the cats had a great Christmas holiday, the girls and I just fell more in love with them, realizing that we made the right choice in adopting Merlissa and Aurora into our family.  This was only further confirmed by my watching of a friend’s dogs over the holiday; while I was happy to help them out, I have never cleaned up that much poop and piss in my life.  Given that we were considering a dog at one point, I think we made the right decision.

Thanks for checking in on us.


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