One-Year Anniversary

One year ago, I started this blog for the following reasons:

“The first is to be a productive outlet for my family and myself by highlighting how much fun you can have when you put family first, regardless of your family structure.  The second is to inspire and give hope to other single fathers out there, especially those that are the primary custodians of their children.”

While only other single fathers (or even single mothers, for that matter) can answer if I met my second goal, I can with absolute certainty say that this first goal was a success and it exceeded my expectations.  From our amazing trip to Walt Disney World to our weekly adventures in the greater Sierra Vista metroplex to our lazy days around the house, we are showing day after day what a loving, caring, and fun family looks like.  And if this was not enough, Elaina got recognized at school this week.

“I would like to thank my Dad and my sister, because the Academy has done absolutely nothing for me.”

In front of the entire school, Elaina was called up and received a Character award for being respectful and for following the rules.  She was so proud of her accomplishment and was extremely happy that I was able to make it (like there was ever any doubt).  And I was that super proud Dad in the audience that was just happy to see her smile that much.

Not Pictured: Her post-ceremony victory dance (but it definitely happened)

I am not about to say that this is the result of perfect parenting or something, but I would certainly like to think that maybe I am doing something right.  During our parent teacher conference a month ago, her teacher kept saying that Elaina will not stop talking about her Dad.  “Her Dad this and her Dad that.  She just won’t stop talking about you and all the things your family does together.”  That one almost made me cry, but I did not think the parent teacher conference was the optimal moment for expressing those feelings.

This write-up almost brings tears to my eyes

To put it mildly, I felt her accomplishment just reinforced everything that we were already thinking: Even though it is difficult and our family is unconventional, we are making it work.  It just takes a little more patience and a lot more effort.  But they are certainly worth it.  We will keep having fun and growing together as a family and I will keep writing about it in the hopes that we can have a positive affect on others that may be going through a similar situation.  As I commented to someone the other day, “It gets easier, I assure you.  Just takes a lot of patience, practice, and hair accessories!”  I hope that was good advice.

The very deserving award winner and her very proud Dad

Thanks for checking in on us.  Here’s to another great year.


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