Elaina’s Horseback Riding Lessons

We are always looking for routine activities to get involved in, but recently the options have been less than stellar for the girls and I. They are both lukewarm on getting back into soccer and Gabriella changes her mind daily on if she would prefer karate or gymnastics; I think Elaina would excel in volleyball or basketball, but she just has no desire to play either. So obviously Horseback Riding was the next logical step…

Dressed for Success!
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Weekend Activities – Tombstone and Buffalo Corral Riding Stables

So another one of our rules is that we have to “do something out of the house as a family” at least one day out of every weekend, which usually happens on Saturday (no completely lazy weekends for this family).  Like every other weekend, I gave the girls some options to start.  The Children’s Museum of Tucson?  No.  Patagonia Lake?  No.  Because Grandma and Papa had such a good time there this week, the girls decided they wanted to go to Tombstone, AZ, or as they call it, “The Cowboy Town.”  They told me that one of the reasons that they wanted to go was so they could ride horses, so I added that we could go to the Buffalo Corral Riding Stables after we got back to post.  After Elaina was famously quoted as telling me that “Dad, kids like to do things, not look at things!” during the tram tour at the Pima Air & Space Museum, I figured that they would be bored in Tombstone; as always, these girls keep surprising me.

“The Town too Tough to Die”
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