Introducing your Children to Personal Finance

While I was deployed to Romania, I decided to get my Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) certification, which I am about halfway through completing. As part of gaining experience hours to achieve the certification, I started a financial blog called Finances at the Fort ( Although this was meant to be completely separate from Adventures in Single Dadding, the two blogs were bound to intersect at some point. At the risk getting “double credit” for one assignment and potentially alienating loyal followers, I wanted to share my article on teaching personal finance to the girls. Hope you enjoy it.

As part of my Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) program, in addition to gaining knowledge to improve my personal financial literacy, I have also taken several classes on how to educate others in personal finance.  These curriculums have focused on young people (children), young adults (teenagers), adults, older adults, and even for small businesses (I am absolutely not an expert on the latter, so unfortunately, you will not be receiving any advice on small business finances at this time).  While going through the classes, I realized that I could do better in educating my children in personal finance, so I started implementing a program to do just that.

Paying them in the correct country currency is probably a good start
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