Valentine’s Day Card Boxes for School

It is that time of year again to receive candy from others… no, not Halloween… not Easter… we do seem to have a lot of these…  it is Valentine’s Day!  Which comes with the annual card exchange at Elaina and Gabriella’s schools.  Elaina had to make a box at home to receive all her cards, and while none of us are particularly amazing at arts & crafts, we managed to get our projects completed on time and in style.

Take that, Chip and Joanna!

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Play Dates

A couple weeks ago, Elaina’s best friend, Elora, invited Elaina and Gabriella over for a play date with her and her sister, Emma.  Since we had not already planned our activity for that Saturday, the girls gladly took them up on the offer, “scheduling” a home-and-home (for all you college football fans) with her parents for this and the following weekend.

From this perspective, I just realized how expensive this activity looks (it is not)

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(Early) Easter with the Girls

So with less than a month’s notice, the Army tagged me to attend a joint military exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.  Since this was our last duty station, it would be nice to visit some of the restaurants, coffee shops, and game stores that I used to frequent.  The bad news is that not only was I going to miss my girls for three weeks (our parenting plan states that they will go to their mother’s location if I have to go on a temporary duty assignment longer than two weeks), but I was not going to be able to spend Easter with them.  Since adjusting to change is no longer a serious problem for us, we simply moved our Easter celebration up a week.

“Please do not look at me like that.  This is going to be fun, I assure you.”

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