The Calkins Girls try LARPing

Anyone that refers to themselves as a nerd knows that there are many tiers of nerdom.  For instance, liking Star Wars may seem a little nerdy, but since it has become pretty mainstream, it is certainly a low-threat.  Liking Star Trek though, means that you are delving further down the rabbit hole.  Everyone has a different scale too, one that likely includes less mainstream board games (check), Dungeons & Dragons (check), and even miniatures for wargaming that you painted yourself (*hangs head*… check).  Of all the possible tiers for me, Live-Action Roleplaying (in tandem with cosplay) is my red line (for some it is Star Trek, others Dungeons & Dungeons, while some have nothing that is “too far”).  Having said that up front though, I always aim to be a good friend first.  And when my friend Steve invited my daughters and I to join him and the local Amtgard chapter at Veterans Memorial Park in Sierra Vista, we would not have missed it for the world.

This guy might have wanted to miss it though.

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